Tuesday, November 29, 2011

ANONTELPRO #7 - Cell Networks and Comms

Good morning, AnonInts. Today we talk about developing and reliable methods of communicating with your very own intelligence gathering cell network. While dataveillance should be the bricks of any modern counter-intelligence op (and can be done from anywhere in the world, whether really, or by using 7 proxies), HUMINT is still the mortar that must hold it all together. 'Knowing' things from your adversaries' electronic transmissions does you no good if some of your intel cannot be vetted in the 'real world.' At least, what you intend to use as minor leverage. That said, here is how to create and link some cells.

Cell Structure: Begin your op with uncrackable confidants. If your cover is blown, CGCI will do everything they can to 'poop in your roost,' so to speak.. Loyalty is a must. Once your core cell grows to about four or five, split it, and allow your new 'cell leaders' to form their own cells of four or five. This turns your network into a 'circle' of 'cells.' Various circles can be assigned different matters to gather intelligence on. This increases the focus and effectiveness of results produced. On down the line.. When the network grows large enough, circle leaders will have to be assigned, generally drawing from core cell members and key sympathetic moles in your adversary's ops.

Cell Communications: Despite the section title, you never want to communicate with another operator in plain language over a telephone. It's not just risky, it's operational suicide. Become a master a elliptical conversation, that is to say 'The Art of Story Telling,' or saying something that really means something completely different than the words you use. It is good to have code words agreed upon. Also, if you know your fellow operators well enough (which you should) you can allude to past events which may conjure up a hidden meaning. Ciphers, such as the OTP method taught earlier, are critical. Unfortunately this means keys must be passed, which means a risk of breaking OpSec. Fortunately, the last thing your local piggies will be suspecting is a redux of professional tactics. This shit is waaay over their heads, and will not even be anticipated.

The Brush Pass: This is at once the easiest, most certain, and most dangerous way to pass critical intel, such as keys, ciphers, photographs, or maps. It is easy and certain because you can physically ensure the correct party receives the intel. It is the most dangerous, because if you get caught, the gig is up, and whatever you are carrying has now been intercepted, along with your person.

It's Simple: You and another operator arrange a time and place for a meet by various means, usually involving code words and elliptical conversation. Operator 1 shows up a few minutes early to verify that the meeting place is secure, They busy themselves with something innocuous, passively scoping, in case of the random pig or nosy onlooker, and waits. Operator 2 shows up on a route that intersects with Operator 1, and at the point of contact documents are seamlessly exchanged, and both parties exit the AO (Area of Operations) as soon as possible. NEVER TALK AND EXCHANGE AT THE SAME MEETING. The idea is 'two strangers pass in silence.'

The Dead Drop: This is one of the more secure methods to pass HUMINT in the real world. It's relatively safe for each individual operator, as they will not be required to break OpSec to utilize it. Its only risk is that unless the drop is picked up in a timely manner, it is vulnerable to interception if your drop site has been discovered. There is a long standing variant that accounts for and mitigates this, which will be explained as well.

It's Simple: Drop sites, and marking sites must be prearranged using codewords or elliptical conversation at the beginning of the Op, when you are most secure. If you feel a site has been compromised, change it. Ideally, your drop site, and your marking site should have some geographical space between them. How much is up to you, but your aim is not to have your comms intercepted. Remember that always. Operator 1 lays/makes their marker at a marking spot to signal to Operator 2 that the DD is going to be filled. Operator 1 proceeds to DD with materials, fills, leaves the AO. Operator 2 observes the mark, removes it, and proceeds to the DD to retrieve the materials. Operator 1 can observe that the mark has been removed, and thus assume the DD has been retrieved.

REDUX: For extra sensitive comms (or if one believes a DD might be compromised, but has not been able to set a new one,) it may be necessary for Operator 1 to loop back, and remove the DD after a small amount of time has passed. Ideally you should allow enough time for Operator 2 to remove the prearranged comm, and exit. If they fail to do this for whatever reason, letting the comms remain is unacceptable, so take them back, and await a better moment. A good operator has excellent timing abilities.


It's a good idea to make comms so that they cannot feasibly be traced to you directly if intercepted. Leave no fingerprints, leave no DNA, writing samples etc. Wear gloves when handling. Use a laser printer. Prudence is an operator's best friend.

Cigarette packs, due to the propensity and general overlookedness of litter in our modern society make excellent DDs. They are even moderately waterproof.

Cased Dog Whistles, when the piston on the whistle is fully screwed down, a compartment is available for the placing of small comms. Dog whistles are uniform, and while they are somewhat eccentric, are overlooked by many. Aside from use as signalling devices (which is not hampered by their use as envelopes), they can be swapped at a DD location or in person with noone the wiser, as long as the exchange is not witnessed. They can even be kept in plain view on your person. They are cheap and entirely waterproof, which is a plus. I invented and used this technique for months, and CGCI is shitting their pants as they read this line, since they remember seeing the whistle and thinking it was a simple joke or affectation. O Hai, Gentlemen. ;D

Tree Hollows, an oldie but goodie. Pretty self explanatory. See also, underneath park 55 gal drum trash cans. You'll see these beasties chained to the ground, nobody's touching them but you and yours.

In general, use your imagination, and stick to your OpSec. @LLCStr1ng3r

Thursday, November 24, 2011

ANONTELPRO #6 - Moles.

An Overview: Good morning, AnonInts. I hope you're about to have some dericious turkeys... Let's talk about Moles. Moles are known by many names: Snitches, Rats, Confidential Informants... The better grades Undercovers and other Intelligence Operators. The distinction being quality, technique, and skill... All enemies to your operations, however. Money is a powerful motivator, especially in these times. If CGCI is interested in you, they will attempt (and largely succeed since they have quite a bit of money) infiltration of your life. Operational Security is important in limiting what they learn, and ultimately making sure their money was wasted. Moles can be used as weapons against your enemies by feeding them false intelligence. If your adversary has underestimated you, (as I continue to highlight that pigs of any caliber always do) they will never see it coming.

Ways To Detect & Baffle Them:

Lures: Feed every member of your cell something utterly false, sensational, and highly dangerous to the cause. If you begin to catch heat specific to that information, you're working with the enemy.

*Protip: On 2 separate occasions, 2 different CIs asked me if I had ever consumed a human before. Seriously... Weird shit. I told them no, but I'd taste the blood of a slain enemy. (for the lulz) Soon enough I was seeing a license plate 'Y8FLESH'. Snitches be marked.

Live Bait: If you suspect a recruit or member of being one of the higher caliber moles, you will want to use live bait. This means you will give him knowledge of one of your sources, and if that source disappears, you know who the enemy is. You lose a source, but you lose a dangerous adversary as well.

Agents-Provocateurs: If you suspect a member of being an AP, insist they perform their suggestion themselves, first. If they won't, they're cowards or enemies. Either useless, or worse. Get rid of them.

*Protip: Espionage is a game for foxes, not wolves. The more of what you know that you can keep under wraps, the larger advantage you hold over an enemy who openly shows his hand. Show them something to totally throw them off their course. Entice them with juicy but false possibilities for prosecution, and always, always remember that that is their goal.

Maintain your discipline. The CGCI system is the 500lb gorilla. You can't stop playing with it when you get tired, you have to wait until it gets tired. Which requires quite a bit of know-how and derring-do.

As always, @LLCStr1ng3r

Monday, November 21, 2011

ANONTELPRO #5 - 757 Specific Update

While this update is meant specifically for our comrades throughout the 757, if you notice correlations in your area let me know @LLCStr1ng3r


Here in the 757, domestic surveillance convoys are a big thing. Aside from the standard hand signals, the participating police, fire, mil, and other lackeys will mark their vehicles in certain ways. Herein I will attempt to educate you all as to some of the various syntax and specific emblems they use.

*It is important to note that just because a vehicle bears one of these stickers or magnetic decals, that does not make it the enemy. By and large these organizations are good people, doing good things. Unfortunately, individuals among them of dubious moral character and integrity have been subverted into doing the police state's dirty work.

By And Large: Vehicles used by neighborhood watchers or other groups in surveillance convoys often have a few simple modifications. They may have one minor unnecessary light out so their turn signal strobes ultra-fast. They will often have "white" lights in their turn signals or brake lights to make it noticeably lighter than the standard "amber" or "red." In Virginia standard license plates marked XX-0000 indicate some involvement with law enforcement. These tips are from a reliable PD source, and personal experience has vetted them.

Stickers / Magnetic Decals: These are some of the many markers used by surveillance vehs with or without modifications.

Planet Fitness stickers
Wareing's Gym stickers
"red" or "blue" paw print stickers, denoting local schools.
Thin Blue/Red Line stickers, denoting direct involvement with LEAs
Route 12 stickers
OBX stickers
Pungo Off Road stickers
Mile 0/End 1 stickers
"Not of This World" Brand stickers
Monster stickers
13.1 stickers
26.2 stickers
Titleist stickers
Sunglasses/Glasses hanging from rear-view mirror
Crosses hanging from rearview-mirror
Various Churches/Christian Academies logos. (Sep. of Church and State...?)
Various NFL teams (Steelers and Redskins in particular, along with Cowboys, Colts, and Patriots featuring prominently.
Various Universities. Virginia Tech and UVA seem to feature prominently. These schools are heavily farmed by CGCI. Must be nice to be privileged, huh?

As A Rule: Presence of one or more of these stickers/logos is not necessarily an indication that the vehicle is used in domestic surveillance. Look also for hand signals from the driver or passenger, or correlate with the other indicators. If you get matches on several of the criteria, well, you know...

Syntax: CGCI watchers and lap-dogs will often have these stickers arrayed in patterns on windows or the sides of vehicles. Usually a certain number on one side, and a certain number on the opposite. The number 4 seems to be prominent in the vanity plates they use. "WER4LIF" is an example of one they like to use on hard targets. It's all a head game, pay no mind. They're only there "4" as long as we take with the rooting of corruption and purification of the world. Amirite, Anons?


Saturday, November 19, 2011

ANONTELPRO #4 - Cryptanalysis 101

Good evening, AnonInts. Tonight you learn the Fibonacci Cipher, also known as a One-time-pad (OTP).

Fieldcraft #2 OTPz: The OTP method is pretty old, dating from 1917, but still in use today by all CGCI, and many well organized resistance groups. This is because it is simply unbreakable: If a message is intercepted, no biggie, CGCI don't have the key. If the key is intercepted, no biggie, CGCI don't know the proprietary values of your encryption.

Materials Required: You'll need paper, preferably graph paper of smallish rule. You'll need dice. I recommend 2, for simplicity's sake. I also recommend you use different colors of ink too, so you don't confuse yourself. So grab your blue black and green pens (nobody ever liked red) and let's get rolling, lol.

Protips: Don't make the key at your desk. If your house is bugged, cameras with fiber optic lenses can be placed anywhere with apertures the size of pinholes. Pick a private spot unlikely to have a camera trained on it. Never use the same key twice/never reuse blocks. Don't decrypt on your keypad, use a seperate working piece and shred or preferably burn or even eat it afterward. That's not a joke. #OperationalSecurity

Making Your Key:

Method 1: Roll, roll, roll. You want to roll the dice and record on your graph paper what you roll. (leaving at least one rule above and below, but I recommend 2 above and below so you don't confuse yourself later) If you roll a single digit, record it with a 0. For instance a 3 and a 4 record as 07. Don't fret if you roll doubles of the same or even triples. That makes it nicer.

Method 2: String random letters out, then use Schoolboy's Code (Described next section) to convert them to numbers. It's cool because it will still be random, perhaps random-er.
It'll look something like this:

Key 120306111107090203040404 etcadnauseam (or until you run out of paper)

*Protip: make your key as long as possible so you can use it a couple times, and don't say "key" on it.

Now break your key into blocks of numbers (to further baffle cryptanalysts, and to make it easier for you to manage.)

Key 120306 111107 090203 040404

Deciding Your Alphabet: For the example we will use Schoolboy's Code (A1-Z26) as the values of the alphabet. Operationally, it is not recommended that you do this. (Since that'll be the first thing CGCI will test if they intercept both your message and key.) Your group should pick its own 2 digit values for every letter, and encrypt/decrypt accordingly.

*Protip: Spell out all punctuation and numerals in longtext. Use an X as "." Use XX to end your message text, then add extra characters to finish key block.

Encrypting: Repeat the first block in your message as a placeholder, so the recipient knows where on the key to start decryption after. The OTP is encrypted by use of Fibonacci Addition. It's addition in which there is no carrying, eg: 9+2=1, not 11. 1+9=0, not 10.

Our message is going to be HI. LULZ. (080924 122112262424)

P is for Plaintext, K is for Key, E is for Encrypted Message.

I demonstrate:

P              080924 122112 262424
K  120306 111107 090203 040404
E  120306 191020 112315 202828

See'd wut I did thar? Questions tweet @LLCStr1ng3r

Decrypting: To decrypt you use Fibonacci Subtraction. If you get a negative number, you add 10 to the encrypted line. I'll underline instances to make it more obvious.

E  120306 191020 112315 202828
K  120306 111107 090203 040404
P  -NULL  080924 122112 262424

Now apply your alphabet values to P.

080924 122112 262424
 H  I  X  L  U  L  Z X X

I hope you find this useful, or at the very least informative. As always feel free to tweet comments or questions, and if you want more Cryptanalysis posts, say so. There are many different types of ciphers and all are interesting, this is simply the only one that can never be broken without both the key and code and method. There are some ciphers that do not require keys, as they are moderately well known/elementary, and the key can be memorized. I personally don't consider these secure unless they are highly modified so as to be proprietary, so I did not deem them to be of interest to Anon.


Friday, November 18, 2011


Good morning, AnonInts. Today's lesson in #solidarity with #FFF is an overview of the FBI's famed "Floating Box" system, now adopted by most law enforcement surveillance units nationwide. Since it is counterintuitive to what you might imagine about police surveillance, I hope you will find it useful. Tomorrow's lesson in Fieldcraft will be the start of a new segment- Cryptanalysis. I will aim to teach you a cipher that individual AnonIntcells can use with little advanced knowledge of such things. This cipher cannot be broken, not even by federal decryption software, and can only be read by the posessor of the key (which will be unintelligible to anyone who doesn't know the method and values of the encyption. Best of all, it's quick simple. Great Justice.

The Floating Box: Stake-outs (Static Surveillance) are only used to determine a target's initial routine, and keep watch on potential hotspots of deviant activity. There is far more to surveillance than local pigs or their dogs sitting at the end of the street fake sipping coffee and pretending to be doing something else than surveilling. Surveillance professionals are mostly interested in what you do when you get out of your vehicle. As such, the basic framework of modern vehicular surveillance is to keep watch on you and track you until you get out of your vehicle, and your location can be fed to ground surveillance agents dropped off by vehicles in the convoy ahead or behind you. Once they've figured out your usual routes, they can hand off between box teams to make it more difficult for you to detect that you're under surveillance. Lookout vehicles will be placed at decision points along your route, to relay information to the box about which ways you are turning. All in the efforts of leaving no 'gaps' in their coverage of you. Depending upon the level interest they assign you, you may be followed or watched 24/7. I say the system is counterintuitive because they don't just follow, they 'lead' you too.

It Goes Like This: During a surveillance operation, one agent is in 'command' at all. This is referred to as 'having the eye.' The command vehicle tends to be behind you, but in a floating box the eye passes frequently. Behind you as well will be backup vehicles. Riding along the border are outriders, to ensure you don't slip the bounds of the box. Most importantly in front of you there will be advance vehicles. This allows the system to work on the ground, since if you've been bugged they already know where you're going, and can be there before you.

Protips: Floating box surveillance convoys will rarely if ever have the same models of vehicles in them. If they do, they certainly will not be the same color, unless some sort of message of force majeure is being communicated. FBI surveillance vehicles, or BuCars, will have many modifications that your local pigs are unlikely to have access to or use. Beefed up transmissions, heavy duty batteries, steering pumps, bumpers, radiators, enhanced comms gear, steel brake lines, and individual dimmers and toggles for all lights on the vehicle. All in the effort of making detection more difficult by altering the profile of what you see around you. Your enemy is the whole team, not just what you see.

When The Target Turns: When the command vehicle notices the target is turning, it keeps rolling right along. The outrider in the direction of the turn, turns as well, along with the opposite outriders if possible. The outrider in direction becomes the new advance, the outrider opposite gets the eye. Team roles shift accordingly, box continues. If the team somehow loses the eye, the box can be collapsed inward to reacquire the target. There are dozens of ways a box team can be reorganized on the fly to throw off the target or make detection more difficult. Apply the inverse square of the number of convoy vehicles and you have the number of reconfigurations possible (not all of which are operationally feasible of course, but dozens of which are.)

When You Stop:  When a target makes a stop and exits their vehicle for a prolonged amount of the time, the vehicle surveillance team takes up position around them. A trigger car will take place with direct view, ready to signal to layup vehicles which way the target resumes driving in. The layup in front of the target will become a 'cheating' command vehicle. It's cheating because it's in front. When another vehicle is in place to turn behind the target, it will assume command and the 'cheating' vehicle will turn off. The box is then reconstructed.

At Key Intersections: At known key intersections along a target's route commit vehicles will be placed off the road or in parking lots to signal which direction the target chooses. The commit vehicle signals a layup from a nearby street sufficiently away to not be seen by the target until it is in full motion. This way the target won't see someone pulling off to follow them, they just see 'ordinary' traffic flow.

Tricks: If you're slipping out of grasp of a surveillance box several things can be done while the box is collapsing back on you. BuCars are equipped with stall switches and will 'stall' out to delay you, but local pigs will just have someone 'drive idiotically' in front of you to delay you until the box reforms.

Pertinent PSYOPS:  They will try to distract you while you drive, to throw you off from surveillance activities taking place around you. Someone might tailgate you, someone might be driving conspicuously recklessly. They may stop in front of you, get out and mess with their trunk/do a chinese fire drill. They may act confused or straddle lanes, or place attractive pedestrians in your route. They will use vanity license plates to goad or falsely praise you. All this to delay you, or see your reaction to various stimuli. Duplicate what you can, mask or falsify reactions. Sure to piss them off. Great Justice attained.
As always tweet if you have questions. @LLCStr1ng3r

Thursday, November 17, 2011

ANONTELPRO #2 - Current Surveillance Overview

Hello, AnonInts.Today's lesson is an overview of the current state sponsored surveillance operation, as well as your first lesson in PSYOPS and, incidentally, Fieldcraft. Let's start with an illustration of the beast.

What You Are Up Against:

The Current Law Enforcement Bible [PDF]

This whopping 496 page text is exactly what is promised by the link. Like any franchise style organization, you local law enforcement practices will differ slightly as they have been adapted to your precise municipality. That said, this is still the basic framework of the modern police state. Dubbed "community policing," it is an effective, widespread, laterally & vertically coordinated police intelligence gathering and dissemination system. Borne from CIA and FBI poorly networked regional precursors, then brought to localities by Gov sponsored "fusion centers," it describes the domestic operation as an "all-hazards" intelligence gathering service. This is the vacuum cleaner metaphor. Meaning only that they acquire and analyze ALL information from ALL sources about everything, collate it, and make it available on a national database. This document is not widely known outside of the intelligence/law enforcement community, but it is public and parts of it are quite a juicy read nonetheless. Fighters of any cause since the time of Sun Tzu have known that the best counter to any operational tactics is reverse-engineering and implementation of the same tactics. This is the CGCI arsenal.

NSA's current and long running ECHELON Program

Few average citizens are aware of this program's existance despite the fact that it has been around since the 70's. Originally a joint US & British endeavor, it has spread to several more countries since. This article provides a brief outline, but basically: The NSA collects all electronic comms worldwide, can see anyone, anytime from space, and can even "see by smell" much like a dog. This allows them to detect what you might have on you, what precise vehicle you drive, whether your engine runs rich, even reading things as small as text on a computer screen. From space. Not precisely news, but informative for those who didn't know. The potential for abuse is astounding.

Fieldcraft #1:

Police surveillance operators tend to use hand signals when performing overt surveillance in convoys. These tend to be adaptations of standard signals already in use by civillians and police swat teams. Below are overt (meant for intimidation of low to moderate profile targets) surveillance signal meanings, then their descriptions.

Base Signal: This signal is how they say "Hey Guise, I'm ONEOFUS." It consists of one of the driver's hands draped over the steering wheel, wrist on the top with palm falling over the wheel and facing inward. Also, if weather permits, sometimes signalled as a hand just barely out of an open window, thumb tucked and four fingers indicating direction of convoy travel.

Stop: Self explanatory. Hand fully out window, thumb tucked, four fingers straight down. Palm faces the intended recipient of the signal.

Crash: End operations temporarily. Hand out window, palm flat facing down, then the hand is moved sinuously up and down three times.

Cover This Area: Used by surveillance teams in "Floating Box" operations to signal a dragnet in progress. Left hand is moved, palm flat, from the peak of the head down, then from the top of the head forward.

Target Is Making A Stop: Fingers closed with thumb out, thumb is placed to mouth.

Speed Up: Palm out of window, flat and facing forward, sweeping motion forward.

Slow Down: The exact opposite of Speed Up.

Compromised/Danger: Hand out window, palm flat facing down, jerking motion downwards multiple times.

Follow Me: Arm extended up, palm flat and facing forward barely outside of window, fingertips touching top of windowframe.

Offender/Suspect: Hand out window, extended into gun, then slowly turned upside down, pointing at suspect.

Wait For My Signal: Usually signalled by weapon hand, and usually kept inside vehicle on the center console. Hand positioned as if gripping an old timey revolver, about to cock. The ASL sign for X. This is a similarity with military intelligence operators who might use ASL with meanings coordinating to the International Code of Signals. X Being X-Ray and meaning "Stop carrying out your intentions, and wait for my signal."

I've Been Detected: Usually made by civilian lackeys added to pad out convoy numbers, this signal consists of just and only touching the headliner, rearview mirror, or moving the sunvisor up and down quickly and purposelessly once.

Walking/Moving: Hand draped over wheel like base signal, but only index and middle finger extended, the rest tucked. Index and middle fingers used to simulate a walking motion.

Erase/Change/Start Over: Hand draped over wheel, fingers naturally apart, rocked left to right gingerly.

I Do Not Understand: Similar to erase, but fingers are kept flat and together, palm is flat horizontal, and rocked left to right somewhat more forcefully, like playing scratch.

I Understand/Message Received: Hand in any position out window, fingers crossed, thumb touching third fingertip. This is the ASL signal for 'R', ICOS Romeo meaning "Message Recieved."

I Have Something To Say: Peace sign up, but thumb placed in between the "V". This is ASL for 'K', ICOS Kilo meaning "Invitation to transmit/I wish to Communicate"

*There are many more signals used by various CGCI and all of them can be adapted as well to walkers, or bicyclists. If you see something you're not sure about, describe it in a tweet to @LLCStr1ng3r

PSYOPS #1: CGCI's purported strengths are also their weaknesses. They tend to think they're superior in almost every way and will invariably underestimate a target. One of the first and largest things you can do to 'mindfuck' them is to display your knowledge of their tactics and modes of communication. Feel free to talk back. What they do is generally unconstitutional and a violation of privacy. Since they'll never acknowledge that fact (and will deny that they packstalk), it's ok to screw with them on that level.

I must be going for now. Good luck, Anons, and as always, feel free to tweet.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Make NO mistake, here in America we live in a police state/surveillance society too. As you read this, perhaps even as I'm typing it, the FBI are monitoring internet communications, and operators in the field are providing as much human intelligence (HUMINT) as they possibly can. (The NSA purportedly monitors all electronic comms worldwide.)

An Overview:

Intelligence and surveillance in America is a black industry. It doesn't "exist," nobody will tell you about it, and if you catch a spook, 999/1000 they won't admit to being one. They just happen to be there, doing spooky things.

ANONTELPRO - Or Anonymous Intelligence Program is meant to be an Anti-Counter Intelligence operation. This is meant to be a one-stop-shop for modern anonymous intelligence operators. This means we work to detect, foil, and otherwise defuse the constitutionally dubious efforts and methodology of conventional government controlled intelligence (hereafter referred to as CGCI) agencies; as well as to educate fellow anons, curious onlookers, and would-be AnonInt operators in field craft, agent detection, and spookery in general. Covert or Overt, Intelligence is a fascinating world, and (if you're not in the biz, or have never been under surveillance) reading this blog may open your eyes to what is going on around you.

This blog is meant to be especially useful to our Occupier brethren. CGCI will without a doubt, if they haven't already, infiltrate their ranks. For today, various myths (and vocab that will be in frequent use in later posts) will be discussed. All posts will end with these sections, having content pertinent to above areas of the post. Tomorrow and at later dates, various dox will be highlighted in "digest mode" with links provided, illustrative pictures will be provided, and I will even supply information regarding OpSec and how to better organize and secure a movement against infiltrators. Little can be done about surveillance, except to control what you let them see as best you can, to misinform them, or to let them know you see them too.

Comment or tweet suggestions for topics if you would like anything to be expounded upon in future postings, don't be shy. I'm happy to help. For simple questions, replies may be tweeted instantly, or pm'd.

*An informed citizenry is the best defense against tyranny. Anyone who tells you anything else, is a sheep, quisling, or outright member of the enemy. When water doesn't suffice, you must fight fire with fire.

MYTHS (or as I prefer to say, half truths):

You have the right to free speech. The Clash said it best: "As long as you're not actually dumb enough to try it." Yes, you have free speech, you may not even get beaten or peppersprayed for using it.. You will, however, become a target for domestic surveillance.Occupiers and members of progressive movements across America are discovering this as I type.

CGCI only uses big black GM vehicles with huge antennae. Perhaps the worst mistake anyone can make is paying attention to Hollywood. CGCI drive everything, look like everyone, and are everywhere at all times. Impossible? Nope, the new system has been in place since shortly after 9/11, and it is ridiculously effective. It's basically a national, multi-tiered, interdepartmentally coordinated neighborhood watch on steroids. It employs alphabet soup agencies, coordinated with state authorities, down to your local precinct/neighborhood watch units. Even tradespeople and average citizens are informers in this program. Your cable provider, those lawncare guys, the local pest control people... Even churchgoers. (police love partnering with local churches that targeted dissidents don't attend.) Anyone that has access to property and persons of interest and might be unsuspected is an intel operator's delight for a T/TIPSter/source. The USPS was originally considered for inclusion into the program, but denied inclusion because of fears that their individual carriers would face dire consequences on the streets. (Not all neighborhoods have a neighborhood watch or appreciate police.)

But I'm innocent, never harmed a fly, I could never be a POI. Wrong. You might have said the wrong thing around a source. A cop might have seen you somewhere at the wrong time. You might go to that one website. You might blog. You may have bought a certain book. You might have a security clearance/someone in you family might have had one at some point. You might have been used by the govt unwittingly, or even lied on. Once you become a POI you're a deviant, and you're being profiled. The current domestic intelligence program is akin to a staggering information vacuum cleaner. It doesn't matter, you're a name on a page and there is no white-out. Your only choice is to get informed and fight back, or go somewhere and hide (good luck, CGCI will follow.)

*More Myths In Coming Posts/ Tweet Suggestions for topics @LLCStr1ng3r


CGCI - Conventional government controlled intelligence. This is an all encompassing term for your alphabet soup agencies, state & local police, informers, and military intelligence operators. Yes, if you live in a military town and are of interest to the feds, they will unconstitutionally help too, but most likely on an individual and private basis.

POI - Person of Interest. Pretty self explanatory. anyone CGCI is curious about, which is rapidly becoming everyone. Hence, surveillance society.

Field Craft- Any of the various techniques and skills an agent or intelligence operator possesses to use in carrying out their work. Includes ciphers (yes, I intend to teach you these, including 1 which the CGCI and nobody except the intended recipient can break), symbolism, signalling, lie detection methods, interrogation techniques, and methods of psychological warfare (PSYOPS).

OpSec- Operational Security. In general, keeping your intelligence gathering operation under wraps, but also securing your person or movement against outside intrusion. Think of it as you or your organization's IRL firewall.

*More Vocab In Coming Posts/ Tweet Suggestions for specific terms you don't understand or would like expanded @LLCStr1ng3rA note from the author: I will try to keep this blog updated daily. I will try to respond to tweets instantly/ when I can conveniently.

Tomorrow's Topic: An outline of the current domestic surveillance system and what you may come to expect if you fall under its auspices, as well as how to influence your newfound enemies. (PSYOPS)